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About Us

Our History

“Kyle has always loved anything with wheels and an engine. At the tender age of 5 was even responsible for almost crushing his father by taking the car out of gear and letting the handbrake down while his dad was working in the engine bay, at 9 got his first offroad motorcycle and started modifying it immediately. 


He raced circuit motorcycles before his 15th birthday and was hooked. He then raced circuit cars for a few years and finally decided after building many record breaking engines at his machine shop for the drag strip to give drag racing a try, thinking:  “How hard is it to drive in a straight line?”... Well, it turns out, there is more in it than that.


 Kyle qualified as an automotive engineer in his late teens but had been working in the family’s engineering business for years. After spending years running an engine repair and performance company with his family, he moved to the UK, quickly finding work at large automotive testing company joining a team working on a priority project covering Research and Development and Engine collaboration for Mc Laren.


He soon missed the freedom of aftermarket performance modifications. Kyle soon decided OEM was, to be blunt, boring. He wanted to open a company that supports anybody wanting to improve the performance of their car their way, or just straight up do something unique. 


With all Kyle’s knowledge and experience and the help of partner ‘B’, we decided to open Overkill Performance UK to offer customers the opportunity to build the car they dream of ,with solid engineering advice and a high levels of craftsmanship.”

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