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The ECU taking the drag racing world by storm whether it be NHRA Pro-Mod,Pro stock Street racing or Radial there is a good chance the team winning is rocking part of the FT range.


Their products are however not dedicated to only drag racing and with features such as pit lane speed limiters,variable tration control and even hour meters and odometers it makes this a great option for both street cars and track dedicated cars.


FT550 Highlights:


  • Touch screen dash with gauges
  • Drive-by-wire support
  • Built in G-Meter and Inclimometer
  • Burnout RPM control (no more chips)
  • Launch RPM control (no more chips)
  • Nitrous control (with timing retard)
  • Engine shutoff safety system
  • Shifter control (time or RPM)
  • Full function datalogger
  • Ignition timing control
  • Waterproof
  • O2 Closed Loop
  • All New Case Design
  • Sequential Fuel Injection
  • Integrated BoostController
  • Active Traction Control
  • Data Acquisition
  • Odometers


The FuelTech FT550 is the best ECU for projects that require more features, including GearController (power-shifts), built-in accelerometer (G-meter) and gyroscope; In addition to all PowerFT ECU line features such as sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, active traction control, integrated BoostController, internal datalogger, progressive and PRO-Nitrous controls, odometers, electronic throttle control, inclinometer, drag racing features and more.

It also features a sturdy and high-quality waterproof plastic case, automotive connectors with 52 pins, USB communication and two CAN Bus ports, 14 inputs and 24 outputs that are fully configurable.

Features the same FT600 dashboard design, including features like engine start button, new inclinometer gauges and virtual LEDs for arrows, headlights and other functions. The screen allows editing the maps directly on the module, without the need for computer use, seamless integration between the ECU and Vehicle dashboard!

The FT550 ECU use the same FTManager software of the FT600, with all the exact same features and functionalities, including the newest update that allows the user to update their fuel map by applying the O2 closed loop corrections that took place from a log file. The map files of all the PowerFT ECUs are compatible with each other, meaning that you can upgrade ECUs and keep the same tune you had already.



FuelTech FT550 with unterminated loom

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