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Fueltech Nano O2 conditioner,unterminated harness and sensor.




Technical Description

  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Extended reading scale 0.35λ to 9.99λ, 5.15 to 147 Gas A/FR, 2.24 to 64 Alcohol A/FR*
  • Wideband O2 sensor display and conditioner for Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors
  • CAN communication with FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450: sends the O2 reading via CAN to the ECU, freeing up the analog inputs
  • Allows several conditioners connected to the CAN network, for use with individual cylinder reading or bank reading
  • Easy viewing and small size
  • 0-5V analog output for connection with stand alone ECU or external datalogger (WB-O2 Datalogger, PRO24 Datalogger)
  • Bosch amplification and control circuit
  • Update via CAN 
  • WB-O2 Nano has replaced the previous WB-O2 Meter Slim

*The reading scale can be higher or lower then 0.35 λ, depending on sensor manufacturing characteristics.


Contents of Packaging

  • 1 WB-O2 NANO
  • 1 Operation and installation guide
  • 1 6ft WB-O2 NANO unterminated harness
  • 4 Phillips flange screw
  • 1 FuelTech black carbon fiber sticker
  • 1 Bosch lsu 4.2 sensor

WIdeband 02 Nano(Wideband Afr guage)

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